hi e1

(the change could have happend with patch 4 already, not sure)

i havent raced any Nürburgring track variation for some weeks;
but two days or so ago again;
so i just now realized the string encoding in shared memory changed:

till now my overlay displayed 'Nürburgring' as 'Nürburgring' (im looking at the german ü here)
<= so the 'ü' letter was as an 'ü' present in the sm-data

now it looks like this in the sm-data (on my system: win 10, could be different on other systems): 'Nürburgring' and my overlay displays it this way (unknown characters are displayed as 'space') 'N rburgring'
(string encoding now changed to (real) UTF-8?)

it isnt a big deal, i already changed my code so it displays everything correct

but: is there any info about that change in string encoding in the shared memory api?

thx and greets