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Thank you for all the hard work. I was about ready to give up on this game, until I found this thread. The Caterham SP/300.R that THEY gave me spun out at idle speeds, but the one YOU gave me is actually stable at race speeds.

Also, has the game been updated recently? I can't seem to find any setups, anywhere, for the Caterham SP/300.R at Donington, which is the first race on the schedule for the Sportscar Lites series. I haven't manually scoured the forums yet, though, just using the advanced search. I used your setup for Oschersleben B, and it worked pretty nicely, but it seems strange that there aren't more setups posted for the track that starts the season off. Any ideas?

Anyway, thanks again for the boost. Cheers from Detroit.
Hey thanks for the thanks man, makes the hard work worth it. When I started posting tunes here I was not very confident in my tweaking skills so I only posted tunes that got me PS4 record times. That way I knew they must be at least OK! Hence only the Oscherleben tune which was also the first tune to get #1 on the leader board. Once I found a stable tune in almost all cases I left the setup unchanged for other tracks except tweaking gear ratios for every corner and longest straight. As this was an early tune I may have thought posting a whole new tune but only changing gear ratios was a little cheeky!
Pretty sure that same tune got a ps4 record at COTA short as well, it certainly works a dream around there..
Anyway once again thanks for taking the time to reply, the cars are a blast to drive when you find a setup that works for you!
Most of the later tunes have YouTube video hotlaps included as well, enjoy your racing mate!