Hi Team Project Cars 2. Allow me to discuss a few things my dad and I talked about regarding Quick play/Solo racing on Project Cars 2. We loved Project Cars 1, we adore Project Cars 2, the improvements on this simulator related to Project Cars was an huge step in the right direction by making this as real as can be. But, getting down to the point why I'm discussing this with you guys, is that, basically after completing an career event, most likely it's said to be done and dusted, dont get me wrong, the verity on career mode is absolutely amazing, the choices are so much to choose from, and the different types of motorsports are more than enough! But coming back to solo play, each race, especially Endurance (WEC) racing, which is the motor sport series my dad and I are absolutely crazy about, never gives you the results of the previous one, simply by having your own opportunity to customise your own racing time period, your own weather conditions, your choice of how many opponents you'd want, etc etc. gives me the idea, why not give us the option to customise your own field of AI's (opponents)? The reason why I'm requesting this option, is because on a random selection of cars in your class, you sometimes get a ratio 4:6 or 6:10, for example, If I have a field of 10 GTE cars, my request would be, give me atleast 2 of each, where I sometimes, for example  get 4 Corvette's and no Ferrari's. By adding that option guys it would make your field of selection as perfect as can be the way you as the player want it to be. Please consider it, as it will also allowe you to race against the different liverys you want to race against. By adding that options, I would like to know, how difficult can it be to Synchronise the position lights to the top 3 cars in each class? Prototype's and GTE's? Is it possible? And are there some rights not yet given to speed up the Ferrari, Aston Martin and BMW GTE's, as there power and speed aren't what they seem to be against their competitor's in the GTE class and real life. I hope you find our discussion interesting to look into, hope you guys can bring that in to our game. Thanks for the simulator in general, absolutely amazing. Regards Jaco.