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Thread: Unable to Save Replay

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrickiestCOL View Post
    Since Patch 5, this has been an issue. I cannot save replays properly and keep receiving the error message.

    However when a reply does save and becomes available to view - it does not load and i get another error message saying media not loaded correctly.

    Totally ridiculous that this is happening and that it has not been sorted out.

    I have had some epic races which am an now unable to look back at, due to the inept functions in this game.
    Have you checked the size of your save file? Delete any that you have saved and then you will probably be ok providing your replay is not too long of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerpgh View Post
    That's interesting I wasn't aware that on an external drive you could record for that long. Still not long enough for some of my races but definitely an improvement. And odes it offer exporting directly to YouTube as well or do you have to do that externally?
    Any 4k clips cannot be shared via xbox live, I think they can be uploaded to cloud storage via the xbox. To upload to you tube I plug the usb drive into the pc and directly upload from there, I don't know if you can do it from the xbox. The clips are big with a 10 min race taking 1 hour to upload and similar to process on my 5mbit upload.

    Lower res clips may allow longer than one hour, I did not check and xbx unavailable just now but my hunch is one hour max.
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