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    Quote Originally Posted by g.stew View Post
    I've managed to stay on the front page once I think.
    I got on the front page for the first time doing nurburg event yesterday, for about 2 hours...
    Cockpit view. 32 inch distance to 58 inch 4k HDR TV. Proper fov, 78. World movement 30, all other camera movement, 0. G920, shifter, Raw, 100, 40-60, 15-35, 0. Assists, all off. Currently play 90-120/100 AI. 10-20 lap quick races, some tt. Decent hifi, big speakers. Home made rig.
    You Tube Channel, recording my attempts to beat the AI at 120/100.

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    Today I beat the time trial time of best formula rookie on a circuit (I think).
    And wanted to see if I have done so.
    The problem was that it is on page 6 I think.
    Ok here we go again, so I wait a long time for the avatars to load.
    But after the 4th page it said that it can't connect to the leaderboard anymore.
    And there is no method to even go to the previous page.
    I tried again but this time it said there are no records set.
    I really really hope time trial is fixed in the next patch.
    I know that Microsoft and Sony has set limits, but really.
    The feature of time trial is to fight for the fastest laps and compare them.
    What fun is it if you cannot compare it with the leaderboard you are fighting with.
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