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Thread: [BUG] Lobby doesn't show up when ANY/ALL filters are set

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    [BUG] Lobby doesn't show up when ANY/ALL filters are set


    Platform: PC
    Server Type: P2P
    Version: Latest


    Create a new MP lobby from within the game. Name it something Unique, and specify a car class.

    Have friend start their game up and browse for MP sessions

    Make sure friend has their filter set like so:

    Lobby Type: All

    Hide Empty: Yes

    Race Type: Race

    Location Type: Any

    Event Length: Any

    Competitive Racing License: Any

    Lobby Name: <BLANK>


    Now see if your friend can find the lobby, odds are it won't and notice that lobby count is probably going to be 50-55 servers


    Now edit the filter, and filter by car class the lobby was set to.

    You should now find the lobby name in the list.

    Setting it back to ANY will not show it in the list of 50-55 servers.


    This is slightly worry some as this might be showing only the top 50 servers and not showing the variety of servers people are creating in the game without explicitly filtering for a car class type. ALL/ANY should show ALL active and available lobbies, regardless of the amount of lobbies or the type.

    This could explain the complaints that people create lobbies and no one joins, because they aren't visible in ALL/ANY filtering.
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    If anyone needs to test this, my lobbies have this issue and got time on my hands so just PM me here or on the pCARS Discord (same name as here).
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    Yeah there is definitely some additional 'behind the scenes' filtering going on, I wonder if it relates to ping.. as in if there are x with a decent ping, it further filters out the low ping ones?

    What I dislike (and think is bad for the game overall) is that the session browser automatically hides full sessions, so even if RWB for instance, are online, if the session is full, I can't tell and think they aren't, so join random lobbies, only to find 30 mins later, they where online and if I had waiting 1min a slot would have become free (just as an example)

    I personally think all 'hidden' filters should be removed. I can display empty, let me also display full / others.

    P.S. When hosting, do you have it set to public? I can't quite recall the wording, but there is an option for private (so join via friends list/invite only). Mind you, you did say when a vehicle filter is chosen it shows, so its likely not this.
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