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Thread: [PC] RWB Racing International is recruiting.

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    [PC] RWB Racing International is recruiting.

    RWB Racing has been around now for 10 years and we have a thriving community of racers mainly racing Project Cars 2 on PC, we are UK based but have drivers from all over the world racing with us.

    We are looking for clean respectful racers to join our growing community, we race every day in a variety of cars and tracks and have a bit of banter while we do.

    There is no commitment or tie in, we are a club not a league, although with that said we run Tues/Thurs/Sat set race in between doing random stuff all week, the lobby is open to all.

    Tuesdays is the V Cup where we have a straw poll on cars and tracks, Thursday is RWB Audi's mini league where he picks one car and 5 tracks and we do 5 mins qualy using the championship setting, fast and fun.

    Saturdays are for our main league which has just ended but we will be starting up a new one over the next couple of weeks.

    With the daily races we cater for everyone and take requests for car and track combo's, we also allow anyone to host on our dedicated server, this mixes up car and track selection, look out for RWB Racing International 1.

    Races are from 9pm GMT/BST and there is always someone on the Discord, we encourage people to join the chat as it helps with racing.

    If you would like to join the fun the links below will take you to Discord and our Steam group.

    We also have a website at

    Come join us and race!

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