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Thread: Resolution only goes up to 768p in VR (Oculus)

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    Resolution only goes up to 768p in VR (Oculus)

    After installing my onboard intel graphics driver it now won't let me go past 768p. It works fine without VR and I can scale it to whatever monitor I'm using (1440, 4k, 1080), but when I launch it in VR it's locked to low resolutions. I checked the Steam VR config and the resolution is set to 100%. Editing the graphicsconfigoculusdx11.xml file resolution line doesn't work, it automatically gets overwritten when the game starts, even when the file is read-only. I've reinstalled and deleted all configs, so I'm pretty much clueless now. Any ideas? I'm using a i7 8700 and GTX 1070

    Edit: I've tried disabling the Intel UHD Graphics from device manager and that did it. I can set the resolution to whatever I want while using VR. Problem is I still need that driver to work because one of my monitors runs off it. What's the deal?
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    how many monitors are you trying to use ?

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