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Thread: AI suuuuuperslow lap times when I stay in the garage

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    AI suuuuuperslow lap times when I stay in the garage

    TC career, Nurburgring combined, practice session. AI TC cars normally do around 9:30 on 65 skill. But if I stay in the garage, they're 3-4 minutes slower, doing 13:20. GT3 and GT4 cars are also much much slower. If I go out on track, AI suddenly picks up the speed and do normal lap times.

    Mid session with me in garage: sloooow lap times
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    Later in session with me on track: normal lap times
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    It has happened both times I've tried it. First time I watched the replay onboard an AI car, to see if there was a pile-up or something, but no. All was normal, except much slower. Weird.

    Edit: since Nurburgring combined is so long, it's really obvious. I haven't tried this on other tracks.

    Also, having to do a full outlap, 9-10 minutes is a bit much. Even if I need the practice (still memorizing the track). IRL, they seem to just do the GP circuit, then start their flying laps (saw this on the Nurburgring races this weekend).
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