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Thread: I lost stats and affinity of my profile

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    Exclamation I lost stats and affinity of my profile

    Greetings to all ... Last night something terrible happened to me.
    I was doing several laps in TimeTrial Mode on the track of Daytona Road with the Ligier Nissan LMP2 with two ghosts loaded. Immediately after getting to improve my lap times, I decide to leave the TimeTrial Mode so that the record of my time is saved and to go to play online or try another track and car, but at the moment of fading the screen to black, the cursor It was frozen, the entire screen was frozen, so I had to manually force a restart of the computer.

    When I went back to running PCars2, I discovered that the game welcomed me as if I had just bought the PCars2 and it was the 1st time I entered. I discovered that all my statistics (victories, fast laps, poles, etc.) affinity (cars, tracks) traveled kilometers and game time were at ZERO. Fortunately my Pilot's License did not suffer any change (I'm still in S143 Platinum), and likewise I did not lose any of the setups of the cars that I use.

    However, in addition to losing my statistics I also lost my game configurations (graphics, controls, sound, etc.). The control issues were more worrisome because I already had the steering wheel calibrated and adapted to my driving style, together with key assignments.

    I really do not understand why this happened when the game crashed (and freeze the computer) just at the moment I left TimeTrial mode (when the game system is saving your record back before displaying the loading screen). Also, I have the SteamCloud option enabled, so I do not understand why my statistics and settings were lost. The only thing that was not lost were the setups, career mode trophies and my driver's license.

    For the time being I had a backup of some files of My Documents but they were from the month of February, so although it has helped me not to have to reconfigure the controls of the steering wheel, instead I have to do MANY HOURS of play again with the LMP1 to CLEAN my statistics, because I do NOT want the GT3 to appear in my profile as a Favorite Category ... I HATE it. There should be an option to be able to choose on your own the Favorite Category of the car you want to show on your profile.

    Here I show you how my statistics and affinity were a couple of weeks ago:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And now that's how you show statistics after you've lost them and used an old backup file:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20180515143336_1.jpg 
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Name:	20180515143342_1.jpg 
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    To all this I added that I was close to reaching my personal goal of completing 100 victories with both the TS040 and LeMans. The most painful is the case of the TS040 because, with the imminent arrival of the new 2016 LMP1 cars in the LeMans DLC in a few weeks, it would have been nice to say goodbye to the old TS040 adding 100 victories before moving on to use the new LMP1 cars , but now it will not be possible ... unless the new 2016 LMP1 cars turn out to be slower than the 2014 LMP1 cars.

    Well, to finish with the issue, I would like to know if there is any way to prevent a loss of statistics and configurations from happening again but that does not mean having to spend around 2 or 5 minutes a day manually backing the files.

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    That bug happened to me right now as well but in loading after online racing. Thats the reason i registered to the forum. Somethink must be done!
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