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Thread: [ANSWERED] Fanatec & TH8RS...PCars 2 compatible?

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    [ANSWERED] Fanatec & TH8RS...PCars 2 compatible?

    I'm in the process of buying a Fanatec Club Sport Wheel Base 2.5, BMW v2.5 Wheel, and Club Sport v3 Pedals.
    I already have a Thrustmaster TH8RS gated shifter and I'm wondering if it will work with the Fanatec gear, or will I have to get the Fanatec SQ v1.5 shifter?

    I've been told that PCars 2 has trouble running that particular combination (the TH8RS)...

    Thanks for any help you guys can supply!

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    It just registers as a separate controller so there is no problem.
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    Thanks very much, Mahjik...good news indeed!!!!!

    Thanks also for all your car liveries, they are fabulous!

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