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Thread: Wheel vs Controller in pCars 2: which is faster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrTulip View Post
    If you don't touch the setups at all, lockups with the wheel might simply be because by default PCARS2 loads the setup named 'loose' for the wheels and 'stable' for the gamepad. Check at least if the brake pressure is different between these with your car of choice.
    I think the brake bias is the root cause for this. In most loose setups it's significantly more set to the rear compared to the stable ones.
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    90% of the time I switch to the 'loose' setup even with gamepad...

    Stable tends to push like a boat for me in most cars
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    Some loose setups tend to push for me too.
    They feel artificially/inefficiently "loose" by way of an aggressive diff or rearward brake bias.
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