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Thread: [Bug Report] Championship DLC Required

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    [Bug Report] Championship DLC Required

    When playing the career mode after completing some career races and invitational events, the game says "Championship DLC required..." I don't what that means but it restarts the season you are in after some career races and sometimes won't let you get the accolade for invitational events. This started happening a couple of days ago and only effects career mode. I have the season pass but not the deluxe edition of the game, which I got weeks ago. Hopefully this can be fixed because I would like to collect all the achievements for the game.

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    I started a thread about this same problem. Really annoying how it resets the championship instead of pointing what DLC you are supposedly missing. Hope they fix it as I'm tired of doing the same races just to get back to a point where the game messes up again.

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    Always have at least 2 driver career.
    If I remember, when I had this problem, I was switching career profile, and then back to the main profile and I could resume the career from where I left it

    It was with patch 1.5, so maybe it would not help with 1.6

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