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Thread: PS4 Facebook Based Racing League (Clean, Fun, UK based)

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    PS4 Facebook Based Racing League (Clean, Fun, UK based)

    Hi All,

    I help run a league on PS4. ERL: Eclipse Racing Leagues ( ) It's UK based, but we have a few North American and European drivers as well. Race times are UK based, so if you're in North America start times are usually from 5 pm (EST) or 2 pm (PST).

    We are a very clean league with a set of driver standards based on a combination of FIA rules and Sim Racing standards. It's a short read. Simple and straightforward (read: don't be a dick). As well we have a penalty system in place to deter incidents and it's working very well. Lobby rules are anywhere from Authentic Assists to Full assists. For league racing we use Live Track weather based on real time forecasts. Messenger groups are set up for leagues and cup nights, and we encourage banter and social aspects that help bond a league of like minded individuals. We abhor racism, LGBT phobia, other forms of discrimination, bullying, and other forms of verbal abuse. No in race bad mouthing, any major incidents in league racing go to review committees via race replay clips that are the responsibility of the of the driver claiming incident(s). Most of what happens is a bit of a rub here and there, general racing stuff, but stuff happens sometimes that requires review. The point is, we encourage gentlemanly racing but no racing on eggshells, either.

    We've been running a Wednesday Night League with two divisions, which are currently full, but if there is enough interest we'll add a third division for the next. But we are currently expanding to include other nights of the week.

    A weekly time trial with a championship race every week for the top 16 finishers in the TT with the car/class and track being used for the week. Sunday to Friday time trials, race on Saturday. Winner chooses the next TT.

    We're starting some mini-cups on Thursdays, the first will run June 14, 2018, and it's a just for fun WRX night. The following Thursday will be the kick off of a recurring "American Muscle Series" using American cars from different classes for each mini-cup. These are one-night events. The first one is using the two Trans-Am cars, 67 Mustang RTR and the 69 Camaro (from the Vintage GT-A class), on the hottest and hilliest US tracks, this one is called "Over Hell, Over Dale"... 2 cars, four circuits, 6 laps per race with 10 min quali, and one 15 minute practice session to kick the night off. These will be starting at 10 PM BST (GMT+1).

    Within the next month a 6-8 weeks series will be introduced on Thursdays. Still in planning.

    A multi-class event is being developed for Sundays, and we will be filling another night (Sat, Mon or Tues) soon.

    Look us up if this sounds interesting.
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