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Thread: Cant find certain tracks when creating multiplayer online rooms

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    Cant find certain tracks when creating multiplayer online rooms

    Does anyone else have the issue when you create a multiplayer room, you cant find track like Bannochbrae and the rally tracks?

    Works fine in single player, time trial and practise modes, but when im playing with my friends and we go to change the track, those tracks are not there.

    very frustrating because Bannoclbrae is an awesome track. also rally cars on a road circuit is crapola.

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    I'm guessing those tracks don't have pits?
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    You need to create it with 16 players or 12 if you want knockhill.

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    You need to create it with less players for it to work otherwise the grid capacity will be exceeded.

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    For bannochbrae use less players as said

    for the RX tracks you cannot have practice/qualifying enabled as there is no pit.
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