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Thread: No in game sound after latest update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homie315 View Post
    Yeah I just started having the same problem. The only way I've been able fix it is by unplugging my Xbox and resetting it. This problem also leads to no Buttkicker which means I can't even feel the car out.
    Are you saying it's happening all the time now, or only once after the update?
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    I had same problem last Saturday on my ps4 ,

    Timeline ,downloaded the new dlc spirit of lemans when it first came out no problems with audio 1 or 2 weeks ago,

    I was Hoovering last Saturday and hit ps4 on button ,almost 10 seconds later we had power cut ,hence ps4 was still powering up and had pcars2 disc in,

    Went to race that Saturday night it said I had a serious software issues ,spent 3 hours and thought hard drive was fried,

    Any way eventually had to full delete and full reinstall of Ps4 , yippee that worked but now had the problem of reinstalling everything ,

    Last Sunday 24 hrs later all was installed and went to practice for league race and no audio,
    I did normal things like restarting ps4 and closing Pcars 2 , ,

    Turned out the disc was dirty and I had not set up my wireless headphones, this was due to have to deleteing and full reinstall on ps4 hard drive ,

    Now do you see why you should not switch off your ps4,while it's just powering up , now mine was a complete accident and also the hand of God (power cut ) that played its part ,

    But basically check your sound settings if using headphones or if disc ,clean it ,

    A bit long but hope this helps

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