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Thread: Version 1.6

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    I ran 31 on the X at night time with one of the LMP2016 cars (the Porsche I think), and there was definitely some issues with the FFB, not major but it was there.

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    Today's little test showed that I was a lot faster with a full grid. Weird. See my post in Xbox patch 6.0-thread.
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    Everything feels great to me. I've tried a handful of different cars of different types and always used a full grid since 1.6. It feels good. It feels predictable. I still can't drive super/hypercars, but I think that's more me than the game. The P1 and 720S are ridiculously hard for me. But the issues I had after 1.5 seem to have cleared up. 1.6 feels really good and I'm enjoying it! I may not be as attuned to the little details as some of you guys, but I'm really happy with how it feels right now.
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