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Thread: P2P Kicking and Votekick suggestions for improvement

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    Even if voting was added to ICM menu, you still need to see the incident before making a judgement on to vote to kick,
    Practise and qualifying sessions majority are out on track, not monitoring trying to run a clean lobby, like a good host should of been doing before with a system that worked.

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    can you still kick from a dedicated server?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloozmahn View Post
    can you still kick from a dedicated server?
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    An inability to kick is what killed Assetto Corsa's public online. SMS have decided to follow their lead. Unbelievable.

    Are they actually actively trying to make every last casual racer go back to other 'arcade' games that at least have the sense to realize that public racing isn't all league quality drivers? Has anyone at SMS ever actually tried to find a clean room in a public console room? I'm guessing not...

    But, in fairness, a lot of the blame for this heavy handed approach lies at the feet of hosts too lazy to inform the room via mikes that the full 2 min time between qualy and start will be abbreviated, and delay will get you kicked, or failed to inform the room during qualy that times outside a certain range will mean you can't race, or informed the newcomers of what racing etiquette will be enforced.

    If hosts took hosting more seriously, it is likely that the complaints would not have triggered this crazy response. I hate to say it, but quite honestly, I got better clean racing out of GT6 because hosting was a lot more hands on. Clean racing doesn't mean you HAVE to join a league. But it does mean that hosts need to concentrate less on their own times and qualy position, and more on ensuring that the entire room knows what is expected of them, and of course, it means that hosts need the power to enforce the rules.

    One of the things I found allowed much better hosting and overall driving standards in GT6 was the general adoption in casual rooms of the 'reverse grid' start. The winners of the previous race started at the back, and had to work their way through the pack. The advantage of this was, firstly, the host (who generally tends to be one of the better drivers in a room) gets to see what driving standards the rear of the pack use, and can kick appropriately. And secondly, it gives a nice challenge to the better drivers, rather than zooming off in the distance at the start (if not taken out by first corner shenanigans) and never seeing the rest of the pack the entire race, they have to figure a way past these less skilled drivers.

    Rear markers being eyeballed by the host and knowing they would get kicked if they drove like an idiot pushed up the overall race etiquette standards in GT6 far beyond what is normal in PC2's public rooms. Unless SMS virtually never race in public rooms (especially on consoles), I would have thought this was obvious. But every tool needed to achieve a higher standard of public room racing has been ignored, culminating in this final blunder.

    I can't join a league (too busy and an unpredictable schedule, like a lot of players), but SMS are forcing our hands. If I can't get clean public racing, I may have to bin PC2 and go back to a game that understands its players better. And I really don't want to do that.

    So, with respect, here are my suggestions to improve the kick system.

    Give hosts back the kick power.
    Remove the points penalty for being kicked (that was being abused)
    Allow hosts to set a variable time between qualy and race (if hosts are really too ADHD to wait two fricken' minutes!)
    Allow reverse grid races
    Allow host to set a minimum percentage of pole time for race inclusion.

    And, SMS, please go spend a few weeks trying to race in console public rooms. The fixes you need to work on will quickly be apparent...
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