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Thread: A huge lover of p cars..but

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSimGirl View Post
    PC2 is an amazing sim, but the answer to your question would be determined by how you choose to play.

    On console, you will not be able to complete your single player career. There is no adjustment setting for the amount of a.i. This causes many, if not most people, issues on the original Xbox one. You get handling discrepancies, wheel shake, etc. because of the amount of a.i. that the system apparently can't handle.

    Multiplayer is not as advertised either. You will not be able to race with 16 players if you have the original system for the same reason.

    If you're on pc, you will more than likely be good to go as long as you're running a decent rig.

    I wish you well in your descion.
    I agree with the career mode. I can't even get past the Ginetta junior season because the rain makes my wheel shake really bad. I just can't throw $500 on a Xbox 1X. So I'll deal with hot lapping and racing with the small group I run with for now

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAXF1 View Post
    i genuinly was very patient with p cars 1 knowing what was going on out there,the game only use to glitch out with the sound,and freeze
    I forgot about that because Pcars2 gets that right. I definitely don't miss that! I've only had the problem of Pcars2 just randomly stopping and going back to the dashboard a couple times and that was in replay mode
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    If you have a Thrustmaster wheel, be sure to update it to v53. It made a huge difference to me. Ginetta JR career have been fine since. I got some shaking at Knockhill in rain, but both Silverstone and Donington were perfect in the rain, and the car felt great, so much fun!
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    There's only one Mad Catz wheel supported in PC2, the Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback.

    Is that the wheel you have?

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