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Thread: Handling issue against ai on OG Xbox

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcoma View Post
    Its bad. Career is unplayable. On single race with 19 opponents the force feedback is clipping bad depending on the track/car. Tested with the corvette z06 on donnington and the max opponents without clipping is 4 maybe 6. Of course this affects handling as well.
    Career you can go from Tier 6-Tier 1,just with a lot of RX,so it is playable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richie Padalino View Post
    This problem has been there from the very beginning, and has not been made any better, at least not significantly. It's clear that it is unfixable for the OG Xbox & the S. I think you need to admit this fact, let it go, if after all this time of actually trying to fix it, this is the amount of progress, I think you need to admit defeat.
    So........ you need to add the ability to choose grid sizes in Career. In fact, you kind of have to, as currently the game you produced on the format that you released it on, half of the career can not actually be played, at all. A simple solution to this, reducing the grid sizes, then at least the Xbox players that this effects will be able to at least play the whole career in some shape or form. I think, to be honest, that's the least you should do.
    In fact, you could have done this when the problem occurred in the first place, and then tried to fix the problem behind the scenes same as you have done. I'd say a lot of people would have been more than placated with purely an option to reduce the grid size, so it actually would have helped yourselves really, just adding this simple option.
    Yeah it ruins the experience. The games still fun, but only being able to run 9 or less ai is just annoying. Iíve constantly had problems with the game. Itís been the most annoying.

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