Hi all

Ready for a true hardcore simracing experience ?

Remember, in 60-70' s in Le mans race there were only 2 pilots per team not like the kids who drive today.

I will drive in this race even if i must struggle against 31 AI but human help will be appreciated as i am not as strong as Neo or Shwartzy.

24 Hours on Le Mans Retro
Date Time : 2018/06/16 - 4:00 PM GMT
VPTA & VGTA (ai only)
AI swap Enabled
Cockpit view only
No Mercy mode => No assistance no help even if you're crying
All damages on
AI on 100-110 According to weather forecast
Real weather
Field fullfilled with ai with 32 cars on track

Maximum Human slots 12

Cars have to be reserved before 2018/06/13
There will be mandatory trainings on 06/ 14/15 only to avoid assholes.

Be careful with long tails if the weather is bad it will be painful => AI on 110

Patrick(Zeduncan) Ferrari 512 M