Quite honestly, given the intense focus on PC development, I don't assume anything when it comes to the console port. Design decisions that they can't get out of may have been taken way early in development before they considered the console development progression.

And, when it comes to a design decision that massively impacts even the narrow league focus the game has (just about everything that makes casual racing easy on other games has been either omitted or dropped on consoles), with respect to a maximum replay time of well under an hour (when their previous game had double the replay time), I would think that no less than Ian Bell himself (presumably not tied to an NDA, given how forthright the devs were with information until just recently) might want to chime in an give us an explanation, and, if not able to offer us a fix in this game, at the very least a hard and fast promise that this issue will not continue on the next PC game, and a brief description of how this happened.

You keep thinking that the current stony silence from the devs is the norm here, but it is easy to look at the early post release days (up until Patch4, if the truth be told) and see that the devs and the head guy himself seemed to have no issues explaining things in the past. So the NDA excuse doesn't really hold water.

But the bottom line about this (and several other issues) is, they are not new issues to PC2. Most of them were present in PC1. Either there's an explanation as to why they persist, and whether it is impossible for them to be fixed in PC3 due to platform restrictions, or we are going to have to assume they will never go away. Given the game's intense focus on organized leagues as the only way to find decent rooms to race in, a replay system completely useless to leagues running races longer than 40 minutes is only going to encourage the more serious player (apparently, the only player SMS care about) to look to other games that seem to find no problem with longer replays.

I doubt that is something SMS really want, is it?

The ball is in SMS's court. If they don't want people to assume things that fit the facts, if they don't want players migrating to other games without their issues, a bit of communication would go a long way.

You know, like they USED to...