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Thread: U1500 lobby anomaly - (Not a bug)

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    U1500 lobby anomaly - (Not a bug)

    this is not really a bug, more of an anomaly..

    I would imagine that most people when they play online go up in safety rating and down in skill, except for the few who are capable of gaining points a lot of the time.

    I haven't been online much and have a rating of D1479. (i'm not one of the few)

    when somebody makes a lobby of U1500, I can't go in it due to my skill rating despite being a "safer driver" than a U.

    so the only people who can go in this lobby are complete noobs who have never been online before or the skilled players that have increased their rating beyond 1500. (not really a fair match up)

    Obviously this doesn't happen often and there are plenty of other lobbies(if you can find one that is not already in a race)

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    Yeah, its funny when I see these lobbies setup. The host hasn't grasped the concept of the licence.
    Quite a few times I will drop below S1500, just due to the nature of how the "skill" points work and are easily deducted.
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    The points don't matter the safety rating does, we usually set lobbies c100 upwards, I don't understand why people set them at 1500 either.
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    I usually will go F100 or E100 if I set 1 up so the grid isn't to small.

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