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Thread: PS4 - Horrible steering wheel shake after update and Spirit of Le Mans pack

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidt33 View Post
    I'm getting strong wheel shake on LeMans Vintage driving the Porche 917 K noticeably on the straight (and you know the straight is quite long). I really have to hold that wheel like no other.
    Strangely enough, driving the Ferrari 512 S on the same track I don't experience the shake.
    Same here. Feels like a work out, particularly after an hour.
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    Had an online issue with bad shake on my T150 the day of the DLC release. Ferrari GT3 at Watkins, online room (so 16 or less on track).

    Weird 'juddering', but no specific location. Happened in corners or straights. Felt like my wheel was going to break, so quit. Haven't come across it again, but getting a bit nervous in case it reappears.

    Has anyone with a consistent problem tried completely powering down the PS4 and the wheel?

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    I tested again with Audi R18 LMP1 2016 at Le Mans. I found that front tires worn cause this vibration. After vibration happened, changing front tires worn to new (did not change rear tires) at pit stops this vibration. I continued to drive and change front tires 3 times at pit for making rear tires worn. I finished driving to the end of rear tire life without this vibration.
    I tried to change pressure high and spring stiff, but can't prevent this vibration. Running slower than 200 km/h stops vibration. Vibration of unsprung mass is happennd?
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    Any word on if this is getting looked at, thanks.

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