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Thread: Hard limit on number of saved setups for each car on PS4? If so what is it?

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    Hard limit on number of saved setups for each car on PS4? If so what is it?

    This was originally posted under setup garage area but has now developed much worse and in a game breaking way so am posting the link here to save duplicating the thread itself.
    Admins please move the thread here as it is a problem that surely must be addressed ASAP now.

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    I have gone into the PS4 saved data folder - 880MB approx used (close to 1GB)
    Noted setups are 3.15MB in size
    Ghost replays are 4.20MB
    To test if there is a hard limit on number of setups I have deleted 10xghosts=42MB freed space.
    NO replays are saved BTW.
    Will now attempt to create a new setup for a new car (my original plan was for event for Nissan on Cali Highway stage 1.
    This task has been delayed by the game hanging when I try to load setup in TT so am rebooting and trying the actual event (which has worked before for similar crashes)
    Will edit this post if my ghost deletions have made room for 42MB/3.15MB new setups....

    deleting ghost replays allows me to create new setups. I have created 3 so far for the Nissan. So this indicates there IS a hard limit for number of setups saved AND a TOTAL saved data size of 1GB in the storage folder.
    I dont save replays and dont care about ghosts so HOPE that deleting all the ghosts will allow me a few more saved setups.
    This DOES either way mean that at 3.15MB a save AND career data saves of about 4MB (cant remember at the moment) the maximum number of setups allowed TOTAL for ALL cars and tracks is approximately
    Let's call it 250 as a rough figure.
    So if you drive every track with a car you can only save data for about 4 cars?
    Or if you load every car you can only save setups for approx 4 tracks. (assuming 60 cars/60 tracks i know it's way more!)

    This makes the PS4 version a VERY limited tool for the racer wishing to explore the game and change anything like fuel or tires compared to the PC version which I presume has no limits if you have enough storage space?
    It looks like my career setup thread on here is now dead in the water unless I switch to the PC....very disappointed as I'm only 1/3 way through all career events and 1/10th through the extra events. No point in buying and DLC as I can't
    use the new tracks or cars!!

    have gone and deleted 126 ghosts (all of them) in storage. Total is now around 226MB. So I should be good now for another 150 setups. Does anyone know how to turn ghost replay saving OFF? I could never figure out how to access them anyways so this would be a mjor help for me. At moment my game crashes EVERY time I go to time trial and try to enter setup for the new car (using the new setups I created during a test run of the event with no error messages).
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