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Thread: I feel very very fortunate to have ProjectCars 2 in VR..

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    I feel very very fortunate to have ProjectCars 2 in VR..

    Dear god my ears...
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    From the website where you can play the game:

    "Koryo Tours Pyongyang Racer is a small racing game developed in the DPRK (North Korea). North Korean students from Kim Chaek University made this game (they had just started working with Nostek)…they loved making it and they told us to tell you that they hope you enjoy it.

    This game was developed in 2012 and is not intended to be a high-end techological wonder hit game of the 21st century, but more a fun race game (arcade style) where you drive around in Pyongyang and learn more about the sites and get a glimpse of Pyongyang"

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