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Thread: Please im a noob to PC online

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaKeX View Post
    It was 1:38 for sure. I was like 20-30km/h faster just on the straight only.
    That's the thing, check the top speed shown in the speedo, is it really showing 20-30 km/h more than everybody else? I suspect not, your speedo shows you that you are going in normal speed, but a timing related issue in your PC makes that speed translate to you moving faster than others who have the same in game speed with you.

    Check Charger's link to an old post about a similar problem he had, I'm pretty sure your issue is related to that, too.

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    Reminds of the night where this GT3 Ferrari was doing a 1:18 on Red Ring. Guy was fast tho, just couldn't see how it was done in the replay.
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    So summary of all that is reset your bios to resolve the clocking issues, or take advantage of it and win.
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