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    - The championship consists of 5 rounds.
    - The rounds are held on Sundays with qualifying at 5:30 PM US Eastern Time.


    - Setups will be allowed for this league.
    - No driver assists
    - Damage on
    - Mechanical failure on
    - Fuel burn on
    - Tire wear on


    - Practice will be scheduled 1 Hour before qualifying.


    - 1st 15 minutes will be for the GTE class.
    - 2nd 15 minutes will be for the LMP1 class.


    A1 - If a driver has caused multiple incidents that were avoidable they will serve a green flag pass through pit lane. If the issue continues that driver will be kicked and banned for 1 race.
    A2 - If a driver is either jumping or causing contact on restarts it is in race controls discretion to either send the driver to the rear of the field or to restart from pit lane.
    B1 - Pace speed is 75 MPH unless race control decides otherwise.
    B1 - Any lapped cars must move over and slow down to allow faster lead lap cars to pass. If the lead lap car is .5 seconds behind you must allow the car to pass. If the lapped car catches and passes a lead lap car they can continue on.
    B2 - Any lapped car that makes contact with another car while making their way around for their lap will be disqualified.
    B3 - Lapped cars taking their lap back under caution must not advance their position under caution. They must start at the rear of the field. Even if you over take a car on pit road during a caution getting your lap back you must give the position back to them unless they are a lapped car as well.
    C1 - Car "resets" are not to be used unless a vehicle is upside down, or stuck on a wall or object for a minimum of 5 seconds. Any car caught resetting without meeting the criteria just explained will be disqualified from the race. This rule is in place because avoiding damage is unfair, and a car appearing on track can disrupt other drivers.
    C2 - Any car using a reset is responsible for making sure the track is clear, if a driver resets in front of another car and causes that driver to lose time or crash as a result, the incident will be reviewed and a penalty for the resetting car will be assessed based on severity.
    D1 - In the event of an incident on track, the driver at fault is required to admit fault, If no one admits fault, or it isn`t agreed upon by all drivers involved that it was a racing incident without blame, all drivers involved will be penalized. A post race review of the incident will then take place, and the driver found at fault will receive a stiff penalty.
    D2 - If a driver leaves a race in which they`ve been blamed for multiple incidents that they haven`t owned up too, the replay will be reviewed, and if the drivers making the claim are wrecked by a ghost car, the driver that left will be suspended one race. You have 12 hours from the end of the race to message chadbaseball15, Doot_Due or krobs and admit fault, in the event that you did not leave the race by choice. After 12 hours all penalties are final.
    E1 - Reviews - Reviews will be done by third party unbiased officials who are not entered in the league.


    Race Points
    1st - 20
    2nd - 17
    3rd - 15
    4th - 13
    5th - 12
    6th - 11
    7th - 10
    8th - 9
    9th - 8
    10th - 7
    11th - 6
    12th - 5
    13th - 4
    14th - 3
    15th - 2
    16th - 1

    * 1 point for pole in each class
    * 25% points will be given based on laps completed. If a driver completes 40 laps they will earn 10 extra points.


    - Weather will be announced before each round.

    Accumulated Penalty System

    -0.1.1 Penalties will be applied to the at fault party, Innocent parties will not be compensated.
    -0.1.2 If a race steward is involved in the incident an alternate race steward will review.
    -0.1.3 Multiple penalties can be accumulated in one race.
    -0.1.4 The penalty points system is a way of keeping track of a driver's record of breaking the rules of clean racing and to more severely punish repeat offenders. Penalty points will be applied alongside normal race penalties, as per the list below.


    - Race Start/Restart/Caution violation - Minor - 5
    - Blocking - Minor - 5
    - At fault minor collision (on track) - Minor - 5
    - At fault major collision (off track) - Major - 10
    - Failure to wait for affected driver after at fault collision - Major- 10
    - Abusing Track Limits - Major - 10
    - Intentional Crashing - Major - 50

    Immediate Race Penalties

    - Each Minor Violation (1) -1 Grid Place on Finishing Result
    - Each Major Violation (2) -2 Grid Places on Finishing Result


    - Single Race Qualifying Ban - 25
    - Single Race Ban - 40
    - Indefinite Series Suspension - 50


    * Race information will be available on the website
    June 24th - Round 1: Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps - 90 Minutes of Spa
    July 1st - Round 2: Silverstone Circuit - 90 Minutes of Silverstone
    July 8th - Round 3: Circuit de la Sarthe - 2.4 Hours of Le Mans
    July 22nd - Round 4: Fuji Speedway - 90 Minutes of Fuji
    August 12th - Round 5: Daytona International Speedway - 2.4 Hour of Daytona



    Doot_Due - PORSCHE - Canada
    chadbaseball15 - PORSCHE - United States
    chaospunx82 - PORSCHE - England
    emmanuelbeast - PORSCHE - Nigeria
    jaxonga - TOYOTA - United States
    Shiftleader30 - TOYOTA - United States
    XxRaceCarManxX - TOYOTA - United States
    ArmoryTexxie - TOYOTA - United States
    TDMaestro - AUDI - United States
    ROUSHRULEKID - AUDI - United States
    Will242418 - AUDI - United States
    TexasTyme214 - AUDI - United States
    RS-MEAT_WAGON - MAREK - United States


    Stallard - CHEVROLET - United States
    ReneFML - CHEVROLET - Chile
    RogueXGuardian - CHEVROLET - United States
    Failed_Player - CHEVROLET - United States
    OR-DIDACT - BMW - United States
    Megamunkii - PORSCHE - Finland
    NaNN-Kracka - FORD - United States
    Irfan_Tino - FORD - Bosnia
    SSJGZWarrior - FORD - United States
    tws1999 - FORD - United States
    goofry - ASTON MARTIN - England
    RacingAtHome - ASTON MARTIN - England
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