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Thread: Proper FFB setup - g29.

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    Proper FFB setup - g29.

    Hello all,

    Ive just started my adventure with PC2. So far, I got one minor issue - ffb. I believe that it is not working well right now.

    COuld anyone gimme some semi-detailed instructions how to make it better and what settings for my g29 are recommended? Which files shall I change (maybe there are some specific files with the settings, .lut or sth?)

    I mean everything that will make the experience more enjoyable. Right now I dont feel it right imo. THanks in advance!

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    You can try what's in my signature. I find that it works well on most cars.
    All platform and wheels: Official Force Feedback Guide
    Info: pCars 2 Tire Pressure Official Guideline | Wheel FFB guide

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    Im running Jack spades standard Mid comp (traditional files link).. and it feels amazing on my g29..
    (ensure Logitech software set to 0% Sensitivity 900 degrees rotation and AUTO centreing is NOT ticked) - you right click on top of the wheel in logitech software and choose (Axis Properties)

    Use this link to download and put the compressor in your pcars 2 documents folder.. then just select "Custom" in the FFB settings in game
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    Thank you!

    Ill try things you mentioned!

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