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Thread: Car freezing on track.

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    Where I'm from.
    I wrote a comprehensive thread on this and the forum logged me out and I lost it before I could post it.
    I think the UDP settings solves this problem. Go to OPTIONS > SYSTEM and you will see UDP values in there.
    1. Make sure it is set to PC2. I think its set to PC1 by default.
    2. Dial it all the way up to 9. Join a lobby and see what happens.
    If that does not work. Drop it down to 1. BOTH of them worked for me. Stay tuned for a comprehensive guide and write up.
    Been working for the past few nights without a hitch.

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    Are you talking about on the game itself I remember project cars one had UDP values but I can't find them on Project Cars 2 you are talking about Xbox this is a thread for Xbox?
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