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Thread: OG Xbox One, new power supply

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    OG Xbox One, new power supply

    So just a little thing I've found, I've apparently had a failing/dying power supply on by OG Xbox One for a while now. The reason I say that is, is I when I got a new one, I was surprised by the overall performance boost I got. The Xbone dash, loads faster, feels snappier, games load quicker (at least the initial loading), and amazingly it's had a effect on Project cars 2 as well.

    Now it's not a day and night difference like the Xbox One X, but the framerate has tended to stay higher for longer and in more situations (Especially rallycross) with my new power supply. It's still not satisfactory, and I'm still going to complain about the overall state of the game on console, but it's enough to at least keep Pcars from pissing me off every time I play it.

    So anyway, if your OG Xbox is getting on a bit, and maybe has gone though a few power cuts, do yourself a favor and get a new power supply. They're cheap about $30 USD, and if it has no effect for you, then you can rest assured that if something does happen to your Xbone Power brick, you'll have a backup.
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    My old Xbox is in my sons room as he users it for Fifa and it sure gets hot after a while,but my Xbox one S is cool even after 4+ hours of game play and it is also very quiet.

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    Hmmm interesting wonder if it is making it work faster or its just a placebo effect .
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