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Thread: SessionState switching to PostRace

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    Quote Originally Posted by m00lean View Post
    There quite some fixes for minor bugs and errors. Even for the dedicated server. But the host migration bug is still a thing. I'd love to help with debugging this because this bug is destroying the fun on Touristenfahrten #2 every day. But sadly this issue is being ignored.
    Host migration should be fixed with patch 7.
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    Yes. The bug that forced everyone in the hosts car was fixed, which is great. But this bug where the session state switches to PostRace after a host migration is still in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Coffey View Post
    I didn't expect it would be. There's nothing in the "release notes" that indicates any fixes to MP.

    I'm losing hope that there will be any fixes to MP. MP is a small percentage of the player base, so SMS really doesn't care.
    I retract my statement. Host migration appears to be working now. Shouldn't have posted until I checked it for myself. Sorry.
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