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Thread: TheSimGirls's Thrustmaster TX library

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    Been using your settings for a while , I’m on the T300 and they work well for me so thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cholton82 View Post
    Been using your settings for a while , I’m on the T300 and they work well for me so thanks
    I'm glad to hear it has been helping many people. Settings that feel dialed in to you allow you to focus on improving lap times.

    I haven't decided if I'm going to get the next one yet. (I'm a little disappointed they stopped supporting 2. I imagine they have good reasons though.)

    If I do get it, I will definitely create this list again. I've felt a lot of enjoyment assisting others. Thank you for the positive feedback!
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    Invaluable.still using all these settings thanks again SimGirl

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