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Thread: Any country restrictions for participating in Esports?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoL View Post
    Hi Mr Bell, Any big announcements about eSports for PC2 I have missed RE: your post above ??

    Is there maybe going to be some kind of facelift for the esports scene? like a ladder?

    PS. As a Ferrari fan I'm really enjoying the Ferrari DLC. Awesome!
    We're still working on more competitions. The 'Logitech G Challenge' in Europe is running via the Community Events mode at the moment, with finals to come at Paris Games Week, and the prize includes a place in the McLaren Shadow program - to compete for a place in McLaren's own esports team. The 'A1 esports League Season 2' also has its finals coming up at the end of October, with €15,000 on the line. As for other competitions, we are constantly working on ideas behind-the-scenes with all of our partners, and we'll keep announcing new tournaments as soon as they are ready.
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