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Thread: Please can you put host ability kick option back into the lobbies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahjik View Post
    That's iRacing as well in the lower tiers...
    It was a bit tongue in cheek (with it's burnt out RWB livery).

    Although without the ability for the trolls to be kicked.. the situation in p2p is quite bad now, well, every time I have tried to play at least.. not counting RWB lobbies.
    It wasn't so bad previously, because the lobby could be kept somewhat clean... or at least, subsequent races became much cleaner, in the same lobby.
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    I just don't understand why they took out on of the best features in the game. Coming from the Xbox / Forza community its was refreshing to just kick trolls out that ram or don't care. The voting systems never worked well.

    I could understand if this was a public hopper but its not, its the races i'm hosting every night (feel free to join us). Why would you take that away? And on top of that not give us any explanation? If renting a server was the solution I would gladly do it.
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