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Thread: Unplayable online due to freezing

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    Unplayable online due to freezing

    Hi All,

    Ive been playing online for a few months now and the first month or so was generally fine other than the odd session disconnect mid way through a race.

    But now, maybe since the last update, every online race i do is ruined by constant lag/stutter every time someone joins the lobby. It doesnt seem to affect anyone else on track and just me. Just had to quit another session after probably ruining the race for a few other people because of lag.

    In qualiy on my hot lap someone joins the session and my whole game freezes (apart from the clock) for maybe 3-4 seconds and then i can carry on, of course 3 seconds off the pace. This happens every time someone joins.

    In the race its even worse due to more cars in the same proximity. I lag then 3 seconds later it stops and im upside down presumably having taken someone off with me.

    Its not my internet connection, when i join a lobby the connection symbol (i assume thats what it is) is always full green. I play online games such bf1 and fortnite with no connection problems so i can only think its the pc2.

    Is anyone else having this problem?
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