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Thread: Multiplayer in same House

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    Multiplayer in same House

    I am planning on getting PCars 2, and I want to get two copies, one for me, and one for my dad. He has a PC, and I have a PC. Is there a way we can play together, (e.g. LAN Multiplayer) or setting up a LAN server?

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    Yes, you can create a private (as in hidden) and/or password protected p2p lobby easily enough and it works well
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    - you can also setup the dedicated server with 'sportsplay' activated (and u have to define the IP address of ur router in the server config file, if i remember correctly)
    - start pCars2 on both PCs with '-sportsplay' steam start option

    and then both PCs can even be offline and u just use ur local router

    (if needed i can tell u exactly how i changed the server config and the steam start option)

    have fun with this great sim
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