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Thread: An Idea For Upper-Management

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    So you're basically after a StarCitizen subscriber funding model? Sans the "will it ever come out of alpha?!" bickering of course?

    I personally think that a WMD-supporter model might not be such a bad idea. However, as I perceive it, there are a two major sticking points that we have also already hit during the closed WMD development phases.

    One issue is that, since PC2 is cross-platform, legally speaking SMS is not allowed to be as transparent as we (the audience) might have preferred due to the NDAs surrounding console development.

    The other thing is that SC is a completely community crowd-funded thing and doesn't really have a direct competitor. This isn't the case with PC2.

    Based on my experience with SMS (who are comprised of a great bunch of people I might add), they're passionate developers who do have their own vision of what PC2 should be and will sometimes make an executive decision that some people might not agree with (just like in any other business). You simply can't please everyone all the time.

    So, giving people subscriber-level access might present certain challenges in that it is very easy for a contributor to (falsely) assume ownership, when in reality we have just paid for "backstage passes". Sure, we get to see the preparations behind the curtain, but we really have no business thinking we run the show and get the final say on all aspects of the performance. This is more or less the only way it can be made to work from a business perspective for SMS, if we assume the goal is for SMS to be able to do their thing and deliver on their internal timelines. Most long-time WMD people will over time have realised and accepted this.

    I do however want to stress that SMS do listen very carefully to reports and suggestions as long as people put in the effort to outline the how and the why in detail (the same goes for the present forum). But the buck stops with SMS, so SMS gets the final call.

    In summary: I like the idea in principle, but I have some reservations in terms of implementing it; mostly related to how to handle the expectations of -- and the inevitable noise from -- those who haven't previously been exposed to the WMD way of doing things...
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    I'm ignorant enough to not know what StarCitizen is so I had to look it up. What an interesting story in crowd funding.

    I hadn't thought of NDAs with console development - that's a foreign world to me but a good point. I guess that could pose a problem when the SMS side says "we tallied the votes and the most important thing to do is X however, the majority of votes on PS4 are for Y" so a platform is suddenly not fully represented.

    Managing expectations and noise on a non-infinite budget is hard enough in a B2B world. I can only imagine how hard it is in a consumer facing world. I'd say on the one hand that it is entertainment and people won't die if there is a missed deadline or a failure in software but the forum moderators know that something like puddles looking the wrong way might as well be a terminal diagnosis for some. I don't know how the business end of this would work.

    I do think that things like tiers, special rights, access, etc. is something that should not exist. Maybe a little badge on the forum at the most if that inspired people but managing that sort of thing in-game is a whole other thing that needs to be developed and budgeted for.

    I will admit that my exposure to Project CARS (1) was very limited and didn't even know about it until well after it was available. I don't know much about the WMD methods beyond keeping an eye on these forums over the last year or so. They seem like a good group of folks and possibly more importantly, a passionate group. I can understand that even if a whole group of users voted and posted money to support a development feature and they felt it wasn't the best place to put effort, it wouldn't feel like it was in their vision. I respect that. That's something that I could hope to influence as some text in a forum but not much further. Just imagine if the popular opinion was to add dancing avatars...

    From my original post; not approaching the group with a direct plan was a bit tough for me personally. I've managed people for years and I want someone to come to me with a solution to a problem, not just the problem. It's part of the reason I'd like to have an idea of what things cost or what talent resources are needed before trying to say that all what is needed is money.

    If the best way for me to help is to boost numbers somehow, maybe by buying the game for my friends who won't play it, I can do that. I have done that. I'm afraid that that small number boost will just be invisible and not highlight the real motivation - desire for continued development.

    This idea was on my mind long before I put it in the forum. More than anything I wanted to spawn conversation and see how others felt about the idea. I've never worked in this industry and there's a lot I don't know (NDAs on consoles for example) so hearing the why-nots is helpful for me.

    Thanks for the response @ermo. Seeing you active since October 2011 and a WMD member, I'm glad you took the time to read through and reply. Rock on.
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