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Thread: Any way to kill vibration forces for my Logitech G920?

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    Any way to kill vibration forces for my Logitech G920?

    Playing on OG Xbox one. Am I right that one motor in the G920 controls resistance to the steering shaft and the other creates vibrations? Sometimes, depending on car and track, especially wet surfaces, this thing makes a heck of a racket. I don't mind the gear noise but when it sounds like little Minions are hammering away inside, it's too much. Even with FX on 0.

    I'd like to dial out the vibrations without affecting resistance. The only way I've found to reduce the knocking is to reduce Volume, but this results in lighter resistance than I like. Setting Tone at 100 helps a tad. Any amount of Gain seems to amplify whatever volume is set at. Flavour has no affect.

    For comparison, Forza 7 has a vibration on/off tick with a slider. This effectively kills any vibration, while retaining resistance. I can still feel steering load increase or decrease, but don't feel things that would cause knocking such as kerbs and track irregularities. Even with vibration on and set to 100, the racket in Forza 7 is but a small fraction of the violence going on in PCARS 2.

    This happens regardless of career, custom, TT, practice, AI#, etc. It is car dependent. Karts are OTT. RallyX is crazy. Most other cars are smooth for the most part until the track becomes wet with puddles, when I fear my wheel will self-destruct.

    Livable settings for most cars on a dry track are:

    Flavour= Any
    Gain= 50
    Volume= 50
    Tone= 100
    FX= 0

    There's a little knocking from time to time, but nothing that would bring the rest of the family in to see what is going on.

    For Karts, RallyX, and wet conditions, I have to dial Volume down less than 20. but then steering resistance is non-existent. Increase Volume for resistance, and the knocking increases as well. Why aren't these forces separated?

    I'm not criticizing the game. Forza allows us to separate resistance from vibration and I was wondering if can do the same in PCARS 2.

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    High tone will give you the increased resistance you mention, lower tone will favour road details and slip forces that you describe as vibration.

    Leave gain at 100 and adjust volume to lower for high tone to avoid clipping. Clipping is shown in the red bar on the info screen hud monitor ( press x to rotate hud view).


    Immersive will be most likely to cause strong vibration / grip / tyre scrabble effects so avoid perhaps.
    Informative - less likely.
    Raw - least likely but may require more adjustment of volume as informative scales effects like a compressor on a guitar.

    It is normal for any ffb wheel to make some noise, remember your wheel is very low torque and as with a low powered music system it will perform best at lower force levels.
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    Thank you for your reply and advice. Should I be referring to knocking as clipping? I'll continue to use knocking until told otherwise.

    I set up a race with the Ginetta Jr. at Silverstone National. Same settings as above. No tire wear or fuel usage. 10 ai. Rain. All weather tires. Started the race with major knocking. Remembered your mention of the FFB widget so I toggled telemetry. Much to my surprise, the knocking instantly vanished. Toggling back to the HUD, the knocking reappeared. Has this been discovered?

    I'm aware of the too many AI issues, but didn't know HUD vs. telemetry was a factor to that. I did try decreasing AI one at a time with the HUD displayed and found under 9 AI was knock-free. whereas at 9 the knocking began to appear and at 10 or more ai it became very pronounced. However, like I said before, switching to telemetry makes the knocking go away. Didn't matter what kind of HUD either. Full, rearranged, or none at all. Any screen but telemetry produced knocking with AI over 8. Switching cameras had no effect. Very odd that a graphical overlay is somehow tied to FFB physics.

    And I need to clarify my first post where I say mode doesn't matter. I meant for Karts and RallyX. I haven't tested all the other vehicles but most are fine with the HUD showing by themselves or with 8 or less AI.

    I should try the same scenario with a dry track to see if wetness combined with HUD is a factor.

    EDIT: With a dry track I can run 10 ai with HUD enabled without excessive knocking. At 11 ai, with any screen other than telemetry enabled, the knocking starts. Strange.

    3 year old Xbox1 vs. X maybe? Guess there's no point in me continuing with career mode. I mean, the telemetry screen is cool, but I don't want to see it all the time just to have smooth FFB like I prefer.

    Here's another vote for a career AI slider, for us lowly OG Xbox1 users.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavysaurus View Post
    Thank you for your reply and advice. Should I be referring to knocking as clipping? I'll continue to use knocking until told otherwise.
    From your description it doesn't sound like clipping to me. Clipping is when you run out of dynamic range. Generally speaking, resistance is proportional to steering angle, all other things being equal. When clipping occurs, the torque on the wheel can't get any stronger so if you turn the wheel more, the resistance stays the same.
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