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Thread: Reverse light flicker when shifting

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    Reverse light flicker when shifting

    Hi All

    On cars with reverse lights, the lights flicker when shifting up/down through gears. Happens 80% of the times I shift gear (manual/manual + auto clutch/manual + manual clutch/auto) at all different rpms, both controller and TH8 shifter. Happens on my car, AI cars and ghost cars in TT, seems to be just visual.

    Tried resetting controller settings and bumping up minimum shift time.


    Update: still happens after fresh install of PC2 and new profile. Does not happen in replay though.
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    Try this. Drive in HELMET view, not cockpit view. Make sure "Look to Apex" is turned on. When you shift, does the screen flicker? If so this is the same bug. When this was happening to me (in helmet view) I was getting the reverse light flicker in chase cam.

    I had to delete my save game from the system AND cloud to fix it. Reinstall of the game did not fix it for me. Deleting the cloud save is what did it.
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