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Thread: G920 with Xbox One X - best settings?

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    G920 with Xbox One X - best settings?

    Apologies. This has probably been asked before but I haven't played in a while. Could you share your best settings for your G920, ideally with minimal wheel shake. i was getting some wheel shake last time I played even on the X.

    I would prefer a compromise setup rather than adjusting per car

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't have settings per car and just adjust vol up or down a bit.

    Best settings are all very personal and i would never advise relying on someone else's settings. Rather than say what is best, I think it is more helpful to give general advice.

    Set gain to 100, all other sliders to 50 and try each flavour. Immersive - most dramatic and strong. Informative - Less seat of the pants forces felt with immersive, more tyre and car feel. Informative - The most nuanced and detailed but some disappointed with low forces.

    Now tone - can be imagined as a bass / treble control for the ffb. Low tone is low bass high treble, high frequency forces in the ffb are clearly felt with a lower sense of the cars moving mass. High tome is like increasing the bass, you can feel the low frequency forces from the cars big suspension and mass movements but tyre vibration and grip / scrabble forces are reduced.

    Volume - adjust up or down to avoid clipping or to taste when adjusting tone. Tone higher usually needs lower volume.

    FX - start at zero and turn up if you want more impact from kerbs and collisions, but high settings can cloud the ffb signal and cause clipping. FX 0 is unboosted.
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    If Minimum wheel shake is your goal, then try this for your G920. It's not the "ultimate end all" settings, but it's a starting point for you to adjust the way you like it, as accurately noted above.
    Gain 100 (some open wheel cars may need to lower slightly)
    VOL 20~40 (this slider makes wheel shaker the higher you go)
    TONE 80~90 (this slider blends front load tire effects 0~50, and side load tire effects 50~100)
    FX 15~35 (this slider adds more bump and rumble effects, and controls the effects in general, G920 doesn't like it so much)

    A typical set up for a GT3 car would be

    A typical set up for a GT3 car "WITH 12" cars on track would be:

    Hope that helps, Cheers
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