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Thread: Nighttigers's Step-by-Step Setup Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpcdem View Post
    Setup can make you more comfortable with the car and can give you some tenths (in regular tracks like Barcelona), but that's it, the rest is practice. When you are at the stage when you need to improve by some seconds, it's usually mostly about following the racing line. Later it's about braking later, carrying more speed through the corner, starting accelerating earlier. Maybe you can post a video from one of your laps so we can give you more specific advice?
    Thanks for the advice, Maybe I can upload a video in the future, for now I am still increasing laptimes myself.
    Yesterday I drove a 1.47 on Barcelona but it was with the Aston Martin Vantage GTE. Can I alo use this car in GT3 class? Or is GTE an other faster class?

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    GTEs are indeed 3-4 seconds faster that GT3s, different class.

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    looking for a good setup for the ford gt gte car for Sonoma GP track I'm running 1:28:4 on hard tyres.

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