Hi Guys and Gals,

If you fancy a bit of relaxed racing in a chatty (drunken) environment, we at OTL run a Public Lobby "fun night" on Fridays.

It's our chance to have a chilled evening away from the seriousness of our usual Competitive Leagues.

Lobby Opens at 8PM BST (UK Time) and runs until we all get too drunk or too tired to carry on

If you want to join us, either look for the Lobby run by Macky10 and join or send him a friend request and he will invite you in.

Format - Every race is different. Macky asks 1 person to choose a car and 1 other a track without either knowing what is what. We then race the combination!

Rules - If you drive like a d*ck you get the boot. If you are lagging too much you will be politely asked to leave.

Fast or slow all are welcome, all we ask is that you drive safe.