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Thread: Install size advice needed

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    Install size advice needed

    Hi peeps

    Quick question, getting the kids into karting and decided on purchasing this game for them. Both have the OG Xbox with external HD. Iím on the X with an SSD.
    Now the problem, weíve just moved house to a new build, no internet yet so have a Wi-FI box from Three, 100GB a month to play with.
    Iíve read but probably wrong itís a 40GB download from the store.
    Will it be better to buy CD format? If so what is the patch size for both the OG Xbox & X?
    I recently bought Doom on CD and had a 60GB patch for the X!!!

    Thanks for your time👌

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    Hi Harry

    Patch 1.2 3.5gb
    Patch 1.3 2.7gb
    Patch 1.4. 11gb
    Patch 1.5. 3.5gb
    Patch 1.6. 1gb

    Total 21.7 gb so you can easily update to latest patch

    Hope this helps

    Regards leeroy
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    Thanks much appreciated

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