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Nobody here has ever had an experience like being taken out by a lapped rammer, except every single one of us. I've lost a few race wins that way, but having said that I've also inherited a race lead or two when it happened to someone poor person in front of me. It's very frustrating and I emphathise, but I would refer you to the 200+ page thread about how we shouldn't fret about our ratings - for this exact reason. It's just a number which doesn't affect your prize money.

What kind of lobbies did you try to set up? Car, track, duration etc? I'm of the same mind as you, to such an extent that if someone creates a lobby racing DBR1s around Rouen or XJ220s at Bannochbrae, I will flock to them even if it's with a small number of players. Also, I hope you're creating lobbies without points. Then it will still be frustrating if you get taken out, but at least it will have nothing to do with your rating number
Oh yeah, I agree about the rating in that sense, but it bothered me because I couldn't compete in the online e-sport/time trial stuff as my rating ended up too low :-( That and I couldn't join other lobbies that looked like really good ones.

Lobby wise I tend to use a particular car for a few days or so, then change it up. At the moment I'm enjoying the BMW 2002, in the case quoted above I was trying to do 10mins quali, and 4 or 5 laps of SPA. I don't bother with practice anymore as from what I can tell the masses don't tend to like it.

Still so many car/track combinations I haven't tried yet, I'm actually new to it all tbh. And wow, the XJ220 must be hard work around my fave track, Bannochbrae! Love that track in the GROUP A Merc.

Managed to have a few good ones tonight at least, great fun!