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Thread: Just Venting

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    (seriously, was an accident but i sensed not everbody was saying 'alright old chap, bit of a bump there'!)
    That made me laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r200ti View Post
    I feel for you mate.
    Dont take a break tho, if your clean we need people like you on the servers. If you give in the tossers win.

    I was going to share a story about how i took out about 15 cars at rbr recently. But probably not the place LOL! (seriously, was an accident but i sensed not everbody was saying 'alright old chap, bit of a bump there'!)
    Dont forget, at the end of the day this is fun - dont let it get to you
    It does seem harder and harder to find the cleaner guys to race with. :-( I did jump on last night and hosted some clio cup at Brands hatch. It was hosted by somebody else with an HOUR! practice, and after all that and the quali, it came to race and the server exited! :-/

    So I just re-set it up. I managed to beat the World record which was a 1:35:something, but the guys behind were close, and were having a wicked battle with each other which was really good to watch!

    When it's good, it's really, really good. When it's ruined by others, it's just really disheartening.

    And yeah, I think we've all had that 'Oh shit' moment with a genuine accident haha, sounds like you did a cracking job though! Lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidt33 View Post
    That's tough man. But why don't you join a private online lobby/league with a regular group of guys with a fairly better standard of racing etiquette bro? You would have less headache.
    It's not as easy as you think ... The problem for some of us with respect to participating in private leagues is usually the issue of the schedule of races and events, which in my case conflict over the time zone; and on the other hand there is the matter of being lucky to find leagues or private championships that compete with my favorite categories of cars, and even if I were to find them, it turns out that the rules set by the organizers are not favorable and even damage my performance and the enjoyment of racing with your favorite category, such as: "Run in LeMans or Monza with the LMP1 & LMP2 using only the default setup" (preventing those cars from exceeding 290 - 300 km / h on long straights like Mulsane) , or in the case of PCars1 where in another league they forced the LMP1 to use tire wear x7 to increase the difficulty and reduce the speed of those cars since for these people "the most fun is the difficulty and not the speed" and that "the champion must be the one capable of driving uncontrollable cars".

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