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Thread: [PC] SimAbility Racing League - disabled racers, friends, and supporters

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    [PC] SimAbility Racing League - disabled racers, friends, and supporters

    Racers with disabilities and their friends and supporters are welcome. Every talent level is welcome. This is a league to gather and talk with other disabled racers, friends, and family. Don't expect serious racing here. There are many other leagues for that sort of stuff. Our races won't affect or require a minimum Online Reputation. For more details, search for SimAbility on Facebook.

    Currently, the plan is to race Project Cars 2 on the first Saturday of every month. Our first event is therefore July 7 (this Saturday).

    July 7 3:00 PM EDT/20:00 BST/19:00 GMT (for future events we will probably start an hour earlier and have extra practice)
    Touring Cars at Brands Hatch Indy
    30 minute practice and/or qualifying
    30 minute race
    SERVERNAME: SimAbility
    PASSWORD: hello
    Visual damage only
    No penalties

    1. Don't blatantly wreck people or speak badly. That's not cool.
    2. If you get wrecked, don't worry about it. In fact, find the humor in it!
    3. It's okay to chat. That's kind of the point here. Just don't say bad things or chat so extensively that someone's head explodes. That's not cool.
    4. Expect a wide variety of talents and general carnage. Consider it a challenge, or training for rush hour in your local town.
    5. League managers can, and probably will, make up the rules as we go.
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