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Thread: My Mojo has gone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konan View Post
    I agree with Shinzah (can't believe i just said that ) usually for me it's because i found other interesting things to do and don't have my mind on gaming...when i do start a game up after a while though i usually get hooked again.
    Same here been busy with work plus depression doesn't help me as it likes too play around with my mind , on a serious note for last 5 weeks I've been off from racing even league racing ,it was that bad I came in last which is not like me,
    So best advice is try and stay chilled and watch the footie or Netflix ,

    Give it a month or 2 and your mojo will come back ,I said exactly the same , on the other side to coin we are spoilt for choice with racing games and especially pcar2 which is a great sim racer,

    Or is it a case of too much of a good thing , kinda like stuffing your face with jam doughnuts everyday and sooner then later you will be sick and tired of them hahaha,
    Hope your meds and depression improves buddy .
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