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Thread: In race pit weather tire change.

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    In race pit weather tire change.

    I'm in the Renault 3.5 series right now (doing all of the championships). Weather changes mid race. In order to change from slicks to wet I have learned requires you to either pray you have a long drive through pit lane or do it while racing. In pit lane I'm the very first stop. I have no time to select. To do it while racing I end up crashing. My pit crew even tells me suggested tire type as the weather rolls in. This is unacceptable ... Of all the dumb stuff. This one issue is really annoying.

    So I know on lap 4 the weather changes. To set my pitstop up before the race makes me feel like I'm cheating. I won't walk away feeling like a had an honest win with this race.

    Now I LOVE this game. I poor. I don't have much money but when M$ put this on sale for 36$ I screamed with my retarded autism-laced Glee and bought it. But this situation just kills me inside a little bit... I can't do the race menu while racing...

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    Why does it feel like cheating to you?
    Every team IRL has numerous strategies prepared depending on weather forecast, lap 1 accidents, safety car periods, etc.
    I have ~10 pit strategies ready everytime I'm doing a longer race.
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    You can use crewchief app to change your pit strats vocally while racing as long as you have set them up before the race.
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    mmh? can I select tyres while I'm pitting. e. g. slicks to rain tyres which suddenly comes out

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