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Thread: Valve coughed up some game numbers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konan View Post
    Well actually they were...considering all the first off features the game had they really took a stab in the dark...
    Those "first off" features were in GTR2. Weather, LT (in its infancy), competent AI, large car roster, day/night transitions, etc. BRING BACK DRIVING SCHOOL.

    On Topic, word of mouth is massive on the interwebs. PC1 release did not do SMS any favors. Most of my interactions when mentioning PC2 during the lead up to release was met with skepticism, flames, jokes, or just a general lack of interest. Will be interesting to see how other sims handle releases moving forward. Rf2 slowly releasing expansion packs, Rf2/AMS teaming up with content, GTS going faux iRacing, ACC with a narrow focus for details, FM has something up their sleeve (maybe service), and iRacing just chugging along releasing content under their scheduled race/service/subscription model. Whatever the hell it is.

    Sims need constant attention - tweaks in BoP, new cars/tracks, track limit changes, tire model advances, car physics, etc to keep the sim alive and fresh, not just fixing bugs. And on the other side sim devs need a constant revenue stream to give the sim attention. While I appreciate all the work done by devs after the release I don't think I got the full attention it deserved. Whos to say it is over though. There is a good reason GTS, FM (possibly), and ACC are more or less building their own version of iRacing. They are setting themselves up for success and the future of sim racing - the esport aspect. Esports and the racing as a service go hand in hand in my eyes. Unless I've been living in a cave (guess man cave counts) I've never seen so much racing esport stuffed in my face the past 2-3 years. Been on the rise since PC1 came out but I think its going to come to a head in the next 1-2 years. Is PC2 setup for this, in a favorable format? I don't know.

    I was all for the one and done type sim for a while but after giving some others a go the past few months I've changed tune. In the future, I don't see how a sim can succeed long term for both drivers and devs without a "service" type model.
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    Cutting off content works both ways. It can also mean that the "as a service" game can be killed off faster if it does not fly. ACC is not properly out yet so we'll see how it goes, although I don't particularly expect it to fail should it just do well all GT3 aspects with enough tracks to go with. They'll certainly take interest from sim crowd who for some reason don't consider GT as a sim.

    iRacing is the true pioneer of this type and I give it credit for it. Actually I gave quite a lot of that to them during the years. However, it wasn't developed in a way I hoped, so I eventually cancelled my sub after supporting it for couple of extra years (even after I had already stopped playing it). It still isn't the sim I hoped it to be.

    Just pointing out how SIM as a Service may and can fail from the customer point of view. I also don't think that iRacing was/is huge commercial success story; to me it looked like the development dwindled exactly because it didn't bring in enough money, and they simply kept themselves a float by releasing new tracks and cars at high price, without changing much else. All progress has been slow at best. Sometimes I think I should check it out again, but couple of videos are enough to convince me that yes, they still haven't budgeted for visuals at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beetes_juice View Post
    On Topic, word of mouth is massive on the interwebs. PC1 release did not do SMS any favors. Most of my interactions when mentioning PC2 during the lead up to release was met with skepticism, flames, jokes, or just a general lack of interest.
    I think this was because of the WMD, which was too much for a number of people to understand. They were let go and then proceeded to badmouth everything about the game and the developers. People tend to believe anything that's posted on the web that sounds plausible given their earlier experiences (lack of patches to Shift series and so on). WMD was great for me, but I think that after the lies that some people spread around about SMS and the game, SMS has now decided to be like other developers and not comment on the forums any more. I miss the openness. Another example of a small number of people ruining it for others. Grrrr!
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